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Funny Things to do in a Supermarket

-Order a dozen live lobsters and set them free throughout the store. (After removing the rubber bands from their claws, of course)

-Open up a loaf of bread and make yourself a sandwich. Take it to the checkout lane and see how much they charge you for it. Tell them you added extra mayo.

-Fill a shopping cart with watermelons. Get more carts and fill them with other heavy products. See if you can barricade another customer inside one of the aisles.

-Wear a white lab coat, mask, and goggles. Carefully bag some vegetables, holding them at arm's distance, shaking your head in disgust, and occasionally taking notes on a clipboard. Works best while mothers and children are nearby.

-Open up some cheese and crackers and offer samples to everyone.

-When the bill is really expensive, pay in pennies. When you are about to reach the price of what you bought, pull out a hundred dollar bill and act surprised that you had one.

-Leave your cart in the middle of checking out to get something you forgot. Once you start hearing angry shouts from the customers who were standing behind you, wait another few minutes before returning. Laugh and tell them you forgot what you were looking for.

-Post your own "Buy one, get one free!" signs.

-Make a trail of lemonade or Mountain Dew on the floor to the toilet.

-Dart around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the theme from Mission Impossible.

-Hide near the fruit display and when people browse through shout, "PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!"

-Go into the back storage area and yell real loudly...."Hey! We're out of toilet paper in here!"

-When an announcement comes over the loud speaker scream, "NO! NO! It's those voices again!"

-Stand in the freezer and when people walk past, bang on the windows and yell "HELP ME!!!"

-See how many free samples you can get away with eating before they cut you off. (Try to get in an entire meal in!)

-Find an intercom and make phony announcements. ("Attention shoppers, for the next ten minutes, everything is free, take as much as you can carry!")

-Sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" very loudly while walking around the supermarket with a shopping cart full of lamb chops.

-As the cashier runs your purchases over the scanner, look mesmerized and say, "WOW! Magic!"

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