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a better wave of life…..


Have you ever known anyone who thinks they’re fat when they clearly aren’t?  Or, on the flip side, have you ever known anyone who wears clothes clearly too small and think they look good?  hang ten nutrition specializes in just these kinds of people.  It’s as if they have a special mirror in their house that most people don’t…like a fun house mirror.  Not everyone can have a “perfect” body, but we can all be in the best shape that we can be in.  We can all learn to love our bodies, curves, gray hairs and all!  Once we learn that we are using these fun house mirrors, we can re-learn a more positive behavior and see things and ourselves as we really are.

The major issue with these mirrors is that most people don’t know they are even looking in them.  It’s as if we came into this world looking at a distorted image.  Unfortunately, we often carry these distortions into other aspects of our lives.  We begin to see our careers, our relationships and our health in this same  funhouse mirror.  We don’t know we are doing it, so it very difficult to stop.

Most people that have these “mirrors” recognize that they are not on track, but don’t know how to fix what is broken.  We can tell them over and over that they are not seeing things clearly, we can repeat, and repeat and repeat….but it’s all in vain, because, again, they don’t know what they don’t know.

To some degree, we all do this.  We think about change, about new careers, new houses, new locations, new routines and too often, we look in the “mirror” before making our decision.  Our beliefs are programmed into us at an early age and we take this “thumbprint” with us everywhere we go.  As we face challenges, and change, and adversity, we rely on the belief system that was instilled in us as a child to guide us.  For some, this works.  For others, they take that “thumbprint” and hold it up to the “mirror” and wonder why the results are distorted and they are still not happy.

At hang ten nutrition, our job is to take away the fun house mirror!  We help you to figure out what it is exactly that you want! We do not set your goals for you, or measure you up against random charts that don’t take the whole you into consideration.  We help you discover your true intentions, which are very often not what you think they are in the beginning. True intentions reflect what it is our heart wants.  True intentions, although challenging to discover, are easily measurable.  Intention equal results.  It’s that simple.  We will work on what yours are and how to get you there.  When your intentions are clear, the mechanism will appear. It is our job help you listen to your  Self, tell yourself your intentions, make sure they are realistic, and see the mechanism that will get you there. 

We look forward to helping you see beyond your fun house mirror and accomplishing all the dreams that have been living quietly in your heart!