~An Analogy~

Happiness, joy and freedom, come what may are our birthright, but sometimes these precious God given gifts which are ours by right, must come from within;  because circumstances prevent them being found elsewhere.

It could be that life's conditions are not conducive to our happiness, or perhaps peoples attitude, en masse, may be operating in our life at pecking order level.  And, I have never seen a hen happy that is constantly 'pecked'..  Unlike the Mother hen who sits content with her chicks tucked beneath her wing, who looks at peace with her world... the other hen, the one that is constantly attacked, pecked and battle scarred is wary.  She is not, cannot be at peace, and lives her life wondering when the next attack is going to take place, when she will once again be chased by the rest.  She is placed where all can have a go at her should they wish; at the bottom of the pecking order; she is not allowed to be happy..

Such is life for some species and that includes our own.  But, unlike us, a hen doesn't have that most precious thing... a soul.

In this we are blessed at all times in our life, good or bad.   We can, when there is no other comfort, fill ourselves, just by simply looking at and absorbing the beauty of creation that is all around us.  We can recognize that some things are out of our control, which nothing we do can change, but, when we search, we can see a divine well that no-one can chase us away from. And, if by necessity, we have no other choice, then at this divine well we can drink our fill of happiness, and in peace renew and refresh ourselves.

Truly, then our happiness really is a state of mind that we control.  It is of the spirit and this is at the very center of our being.... it is our soul.

(c) February, 2000 Maureen Annette Norman

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