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Creativity: The Breath of Life
by Tammie Renea Rizer-Averyt
August 31, 2000

To create is to allow the soul to breathe. Paint is merely paint until the artist leads color to canvas; words simply words until melodiously strung together by the author. Even doctors, scientists, and technical professionals, as methodical as they may seem, have the ability to heal, educate, and entertain through creative intuition.

To deny creativity is to extinguish the Light that is the gift of life. To ignore imaginative whispers is to invite torment to the mind and heart. Opening oneself to creative consciousness is the blessing of all blessings. It is the way to the true path. It is the journey that calls to us in our sleep.

The intuition of the soul guides us faithfully, yet we often neglect this precious part of ourselves; this crucial thread that connects us to our higher purpose. What is our higher purpose? Is it simply to wake, to hunger, to thirst, to need, and to struggle through day after day?

Oh, but it's so much more!

To awaken is the gift. Hunger is the appetite urging us to explore the unknown. Thirst is the desire to quench the dry and desolate condition of the spirit that exists until we are willing to be true to ourselves. Need is curiosity prompting us to discover what the soul will conceive once released from our suffocative grip.

Why do we restrain the soul with such vigor? Fear. Fear is as diverse as human kind, yet the effects of clinging to our fears are universal. Neglecting our creativity our deepest passions leaves us feeling unsettled, empty, bitter, and depleted, whereas nurturing our creativity produces a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and abundant energy.
Following our dreams reaching for our true potential may lead us away from the constants in our lives; those things which are familiar and comfortable. There is security in following the expectations that others determine for us. When we do not feel successful, we can then say, "If I'm not happy, it's not my fault. I've done everything I'm supposed to do. Life is just too difficult!"

We harass ourselves with "what ifs." What if I'm no longer living the life my parents expected of me and I choose not to follow in their footsteps? What if my significant other doesn't share the same dreams as I do? Will the relationship survive? What if my dreams and goals are ridiculed? Will I be taken seriously? Am I ready to take myself seriously? What will happen if I unleash a part of me that I'm unfamiliar with? Am I ready to take full responsibility for my mistakes as well as for my accomplishments?

We also face the "shoulds"; those haunting statements that lurk within the deepest and darkest crevices of the mind. I don't deserve to find fulfillment, happiness, and a true sense of purpose. I should be average or I might appear arrogant. I don't know how to live in the moment. I should be worrying about the next hundred tomorrows that lie before me. I cannot trust my creative instincts to carry me through my lifetime. The well of creativity might run dry; I should continue doing what I've always done. I might expend my time and energy only to set myself up for disappointment; I should stick with what is safe.

The mental obstacles mount, but as we grow closer to allowing our creativity our soul's purpose to materialize, the soul knows what to do. Undoubtedly, we will meet hurdles along the way. We'll confront them, learn from them, and continue forward with more determination and perseverance than ever. Creativity requires faith. The soul sees and understands what our minds aren't always willing to. When we feel afraid, the soul is courageous. When we feel weak, the soul is strong. When we feel intimidated, the soul is confident.

The soul's voice whispers to us in many ways. What calls to you? What sparks envy when you see it expressed through someone else? When an athlete sets a record, could it have been you? When a poet eloquently expresses his or her vision of the world through flowing words and phrases, could you have expressed that thought just as beautifully? When a ballerina graces the stage with elegant swiftness and apparent ease, does your body yearn to do the same?

The soul speaks to us; we choose to accept or to ignore its promptings. It is not necessary that we leap into the depths of the ocean, but it is imperative to our life's purpose that we begin to test the waters. The idea is to take one small step, which leads to another small step, then another. Many of us live with the false perception that fulfillment comes only in reaching our dreams. It seems so distant that we cannot fathom having the energy and determination that will get us there. In actuality, our dreams are realized through intention, effort, and action. It is the lessons learned along the way that keep us motivated and inspired. Once we decide to accept our own truth, we find that we may experience our dreams at any given moment. Fulfillment becomes something that is happening, rather than something that will happen.

Awaken to a tomorrow that is different than yesterday. To hold hostage one's own soul is the ultimate betrayal of spirit. Release it, and give life to the creative passion within!

Copyright Tammie Renea Rizer-Averyt
About the author: Tammie is gradually learning to give life to her own creative passion. Her inspirational essays invite readers to join her on the quest for spiritual and creative freedom. She writes short stories and poetry through the eyes and heart of a child in the hopes that even the most vulnerable to spiritual suffocation will have a voice and a chance to allow their souls to breathe. Tammie resides in Texas with her husband and their three children.



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