My name is Shawn Sheppard and I would like to submit a poem created by my mother as a memorial tribute to her mother.  She (my mother) has always had a natural talent for creative writing; this piece is one of the most uplifting that I feel she has created.  The poem was created by her; the first paragraph was a quotation from an unknown source that inspired her to create the rest.  It was placed in our local newspaper as a tribute to my dear grandmother whom we lost to an auto accident on November 18, 1998.  I have several copies of this poem stationed in various places in my home and have always felt that it deserves to be read and admired by any and all in need of a little inspiration to their life.  Please post this to your database;  I am so proud of the work that my mother created.  This poem is worthy of as much acknowledgement and praise as I give it.  Thank you, Shawn Sheppard


"Dancing With The Angels"
"You must understand the whole of life -- not just one little
part of it.  That is why you must sing, that is why you 
must dance and read and look at the skies.  That is why you
must have compassion, laughter, joy and sorrow - and
understand, for all of that is life."    **
Travel lightly through this life - carry a clear conscience and
soft heart so the soul may survive.  Speak the truth quietly
and clearly in this world - for truth is far louder than
deceit, and is welcomed in the place of the angels, while
deceit is worthy of only ignorant listeners.
Rejoice in the blessing of the breeze, rather than to
curse the wind.  Listen to the sound of silence - the
breeze sounds the windchimes to remind us that
we are never alone - whether acting in good or
malice.  Follow your chosen path carefully - and
handle your responsibilities honestly.  Waste no time on
prejudice of any kind, for you will be held accountable.
The spirit has no color, scars, gender or handicaps.
Stand tall for the meek and less able and know that their true
worth is like that of diamonds, while their malicious
tormentors are like that of cracked glass.  Teach your
children well - and know that we are only in this place
for a flutter of an angel's wings - so be at peace with God
at all times and in the noisy confusion of this world,
keep peace in your own soul, so that you too
may go on to dance with the angels.
by Colette Hobbs, November, 1999
(written as a tribute to her mother and
 posted in the HERALD COASTER newspaper)
                                  ** Note - First Paragraph ( in quotation ) was collected from an unknown source (author unknown).

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