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“What Is the American Dream?”

    It is said that if a man can dream it, then it is a possibility. Many of the great wonders made by man in this world were started by just a dream. Great men have had great dreams such as freedom, equal rights for all, and for every person to be treated with respect and honor. If we look back at our country’s history, in the last two hundred and fifty years there have been many men with great dreams such as, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King just to name a few.  In today’s society, however, it seems that people lean toward the material things like having a lot of money, cars, and a house, but when we take away all the material things most people’s dreams, including mine, are about the same. Most people in our country long for security, and the freedom to choose our own path in life that comes with it. We are very blessed here in America because we are free to choose our own path. There are many people who are oppressed in this world.  They must struggle day to day just to survive war, prejudice and starvation. They cannot choose their own path in life.

    The dream that I have is that America will someday lead the world in bringing all the Nations together. I believe that mankind is progressive in nature and because of that this dream is possible. Just like the great men of our past there will be great leaders in our country’s future. They will help lead the people of the world to freedom and security. These good men will reach out and help the countries in need just as we do today when tragedy strikes around the world. I have a dream that the day will come when we will help each other because it is the right thing to do.

    “One nation under God”- those words mean something very special to me. They define my American dream. The founding fathers of our great country were people just like us; except they had a vision and they applied it. That’s not to say that they didn’t pay the ultimate price for their dream, but they believed in it. I have a dream that we are going to have peace on earth and that neighbor will help neighbor. My dream is that mankind will start working together to eradicate all the disease across the whole planet; and that no child will starve to death. The greatest thing for the future in my dream is that mankind will be as one. I can envision these things because Bahaullah envisioned them. In the Bahai writings it is said that mankind is coming into maturity. We see many of the world leaders are starting to work together. I know that we have a long road to travel to rid ourselves of prejudice and greed. I believe that we the human race will achieve this and as we grow this dream just gets closer and closer all the time.    

    I know at this time most people here in our nation don’t think that this is possible. I believe that most American people want to feel more secure. If there was a world agency that would protect the world against terrorism, they could also protect the under-advantaged countries around the world. Just as our founding fathers dreamed that one day this great nation would be free to choose the path that each and every man wants to walk. A dream is something notable; it gives a person a reason for living. A vision is an obtainable goal. This is my dream.   


     Reference:  Gleanings from the writing’s of Bahaullah

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