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    My name is Shannon Seeger, I am 18 years old and a graduating senior at Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska.  My reason for writing you is the concern of many issues in today's high school society.  I am sure you are aware of the many issues: teen sex; along with pregnancy, teen depression; along with suicide, drugs affecting teens; along with the number one death toll, vehicle accidents.  My hope and dream is that we can help keep these issues from going that far.  From my personal experience as a student in high school, my dream is to see everyone getting along, or at least helping each other, or knowing that it does not really matter what you appear to be, but who you are and that you are willing to help your worst enemy.  It
amazes me what it takes sometimes to open a persons heart, or mind and help them think, just a little.  That person you never liked because of what they had or didn't have may not be breathing on this earth in five minutes.  Why does it have to go that far?  Why does it take so much to open our eyes, to make us change?  That is why I am writing you.  My vision of us as one is a goal and hopefully soon, reality.  We can see a person eye to eye and may not understand, because everyday is I to I.  Or sometimes it can be
completely mixed around like I to eye, my point is that I need your help to make this possible.  My reason for believing that it will work is because I know that we all needed it or need it at some point in our life.

EYE 2 EYE, A Big Dream, A Small Goal

    Lying down in my bedroom it is 3:21.  As I count the minute, I realize that time has got the best of me.  It is now 3:22, I am counting to ten six times until the clock turns to 3:33.  "During a minute so much can happen," I tell myself silently.  After counting the last minute I thought to myself, "someone was counting down with me."  Maybe it was the last minute of their life.  Also, that person with AIDS, or the baby not yet born and killed by abortion compliments of the 12 year old who could not have her child because she could not handle raising this child through a father who had raped her.  Possibly a bombing in another country that killed a thousand people, which we won't yet know about until the 10 o'clock  news hour.  Or what about the
teenager who died of manic depression, or a car accident, drug abuse, or domestic violence.
     Realizing what has gotten the best of me is just three minutes of my time and the knowledge that time can do so much.  "When will it stop, when will some one help these people, and not take it for granted?" I asked
myself.  A dream invades my mind and I see people,  but not just any one.   It's teens, a thousand of them, holding each others hand, as if they were united no matter what the problem.  I was amazed at the thought and realized if time can do the damage that could cause a thousand lives in a few minutes, then my time can make this time happen.  This dream, this vision of us helping one another.
     "But how?"  I question as the thought haunts me.  "How can I help someone if I can't even help myself," still recovering from an "accidental overdose" which nearly killed me.  I approach this thought  into
consideration and let a few days pass me by, and every day for some coincidental reason the clock would catch my eye at 3:21, every day.  I don't think anyone could have taken that lightly.  The thought of people who are teenagers and willing to help their peers, especially in today's society seemed absolutely ridiculous.  "Were hurting and killing each other," I said to myself as the Columbine incident flashed in my memory.
     PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE, AND TEENAGERS NEED TEENAGERS.  I let this thought get to me for a few days as I was trying to come up with a simple solution to the problem of those few minutes that would still haunt me every now and then.  "Teenagers need teenagers?" I thought.  That's it, that is what it is.  Teens understand teens and we need something in all high schools across America to help this issue.  We see and understand each other eye to eye.
     "Wow, how will I do this on my own,  this vision is just one person trying to reach a million people, I'm not even strong enough to help my own situations."  But if we had each other it would be better.  Criticizing
myself for days was not making it any easier.  I would try and convince myself that I am dreaming way to big, and there is no way I could ever do this.  I don't have the motivation, the proper training, the time, anything
it needed, I did not have it.
     Finally realizing this was not going to help my situation a bit with my low self image problem I stopped all criticism, and let myself dream.  I realized it was time to share my dream with someone else.  (Bad idea.)  
"Your joking right, I mean no one is going to risk their reputation or precious time for this, Eye to Eye thing, I mean think about it."  Oh, I did and I realized I needed to get rid of that dream crusher real quick like.
     Eye 2 Eye, the title of this motivational program.  I say motivation because it takes a lot of it.  I said to myself, "I can do this."  And I am.
    I have committed to the long hard hours of trying to get this started.  I realize what I am risking and how hard it will be, but I let that by pass my thoughts, and say to myself, "If all this does is save one life, then that is enough."  I know in my heart that somewhere someone will need this, one of those people in my few minutes of thinking from 3:21 to 3:33.
     A lot of motivation, a big dream, and a small goal.  All it is, is a set of people who are willing to help their peers in a tough situation they may be facing, and guide them through it the whole way.  So basically be
there.  It's that small, but a huge impact.

Another idea has been to limit Eye 2 Eye and it be "The fight for life against depression," and focus on teens with depression and suicide issues.

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