"I Feel the Father's Love"

I stood in my bedroom all alone
Knowing not what the future held.
The Good Book says God's mindful of "man."
Is he mindful of me? Time would tell.

There was much to think of, much to do.
How could I make ends meet
There was rent to pay, food to buy,
And shoes for my babies' feet.

I prayed for God to take care of us.
All my burdens I gave to Him.
He took them all and filled my cup
With blessings to the rim.

He gave me strength to do my work.
He showed me friends I never knew.
He opened doors that before were closed
Bringing new opportunities into view.

Now I know He is mindful of me,
As of man, like the Good Book tells.
My life is full of joy and faith;
My heart with gratitude swells.

I've come so far from that lonely room
By encouragement sent from above.
I'm never alone; He walks with me.
Each day I feel the Father's love.

                 by Ruth Sellers

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