"If You Only Believe"

If you only believe,
All things are possible.
Don't let there be doubt or worry on your mind.
Trust, and have faith,
That's all it takes.
You will be forever at ease and in one with the Lord.
Knowing that every step you take, he will be there.
You can do anything with him so near, and you will glow.
Everyone who sees you will know that you are a follower,
A believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
So you will never be alone.
They will see it in your face,
A face of love and contentment,
Yes, all things are possible with God's love in your heart.
Let your heart always be open to him.
Believe and you will see that life is just as it should be with the Lord Jesus

Kristin L. Kimbark


What a beautiful season,
A time of new beginnings,
A season of faith, love, and sacrifice,
Forgiving sins,

Blood shed for us all.

-Kristin Kimbark  (4/21/2000)

 "My Child"

You love me in your own special way.
With eyes looking up with such joy and delight.
They sparkle of innocence and wonder.
It's just so amazing to me that you aren't a dream,
For I dreamt of  you often-
Your tiny hands holding mine,
With such comfort, security, and trust.
And that I would love you so very much,
Well my dream came true,
As so many of them do.
And I can honestly say that I do love you, so very much.
You make me smile, laugh, and glow.
It's just very nice to know
That you need and love me as I do you,
We were I believe meant to be,
You were truly heaven-sent
From the good Lord above,
Yes, we are all his children.
To he we serve and love,
You are my sweetness,
My child,
My son.
You too, I will always love.

Kristin Kimbark

"Be Happy"

Why be sad and blue,
There is no other who could take the place of you,
Be yourself, be true, and be happy,
There is someone who really does care.
Keep a smile upon that face,
And try your best not to let it fade away,
You are so special in every way,
And don't let anyone keep you astray.
Keep that shinning armor up, and don't let them stand in
  your way,
Of being happy.
Being happy is your key,
It is your key and challenge in life,
Just to be happy that you're alive,
Being happy will get you everywhere in life,
Just wait and see,
Hold on to your key,
He will be there waiting,
Smiling with open arms,
To set you free.

Kristin Kimbark

"Only God Knows"

Paths are many,
Dreams are too,
   which you choose is up to you,
    For only God knows which ones you'll choose.
Some are good,
and some not so,
   Sometimes you can take more than one-
     But, don't get greedy and get lost,
      It sometimes can be hard to find your way back,
       It can take some time.
Perhaps if you listen,
He'll whisper to you,
   And shine a new light in your path or two,
     For only God knows.
Keep your eyes open, and your ears intune,
Have no fear, for he is with you,
   Your open mind and good heart,
     Will only bring you good news,
      For only God knows, and with him you'll never loose.

Kristin Kimbark


For today is a new beginning.
Another day to live, learn, and love,
In a way- to be born again,
Rejoice, and let us be glad in this.
We have  another opportunity to make amends,
Express our love,
forgive one's sins,
Another day to praise the Lord,
In song and prayer,
Let us rejoice in this for ever more.
Another day, another chance,
To reflect upon our past,
To learn from adventures once endured,
and look to what lies ahead,
With each day, we have new dreams,
We strive to reach them,
Obstacles to overcome,
With a new day, you give us strength,
Courage and strength to carry on,
Rejoice for showing and giving us love,
Love we have the desire and need to share,
Rejoice for all the things we take for oh so granted:
The ability to see,
To smell, such as the sweet fragrance of the daffodiles,
The glorious sight of a sun rising, then setting for a day's rest,
Hearing the birds sing,
How precious it all can be,
And how much I rejoice in thee,

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