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Happiness is
as a butterfly,
Which when
is always beyond
our grasp,
but which,
if you will sit down
quietly, may alight
upon you...

Author unknown

Just when I thought I was alone,
Here you are beside me all along.
Whenever I feel no one understands,
You're here to reach for my hand
By a time I was suffering in pain,
I've realized a true friend I've gained.
For all those nights I cried so hard,
Thank you for comforting my heart.
While I was having those sleepless nights
Beside me, you hugged me so tight.
There was a time I felt so down,
You pulled me up and took out the frown.
Here I am, so confused
It felt so good that you kept me amused...
Just when I was ready to give up
You stood by me and poured your love
I was in the dark, trembling in fright
And you came in to pull me out to the light.
Deep inside me I know you're a friend
In time of need your shoulder you lent.
Your being there so much mattered
The love you gave never faltered.
Thank you for keeping me safe
And for showing me your enormous faith...


"The Perfect Friend"

I need a perfect friend,
To get me through the day,
Somebody to be there,
And say that it's OK.

I  need a perfect friend,
Who comforts me when I'm sad,
Who's there when I am happy,
Even more when times are bad.

I need a perfect friend,
Who likes me for me,
Someone to understand,
And just let me be.

I wanted a perfect friend,
And I found one in you,
Somebody to support me,
In everything I do.

I don't know what I did to deserve you,
I'd really like to know,
But I really would suffer,
If you were to go.

So before it is too late,
One message I must send,
Thanks for everything that you've done,
For you are my perfect friend.

Carla Ziino, 2000

That's the way I wanted to be.
That's the way I thought I always would be,
long before I met you.

But now that we're together,
My dreams have changed forever.
Now I want to be alone...
with you.

Jillian Savage

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