ďBaby GirlĒ

Oh baby girl, Iím so sorry for all the pain I put you through
I mean mommyís doing a good job raising you
But mommy can only do so much
But even God doesnít know how much I love you
I know I used to hit you, yea, I was wrong
But please give me a chance to right out my wrongs
Itís funny how I look back and remember how I used to beat you
But put hands on anyone who would try to hurt you
But I became the main source of your pain
I dream of the day you would come back, but you never did
So I screamed and cursed out your name in vain
Letís stop and get a ruling from the judge to see if you can come back now
But letís take it one step at a time
But let me tell you that I love you and youíll always be mines
I know that you donít have any reason to trust me
Iíve always taken a plane to fly out your life
This time Iím coming back to make everything right
I woke up hot and sweaty
I went running around looking for daddy
Now I realize it was only a dream
But everything is not always what it seems
I wish so bad that a dream could become reality
But I got to wake up and smell the coffee that my momma brewing
I go up to her to hug her, and tell her I love her
She gives me a simile that only a mother could give her child
Then I realized sheís all I need to survive

by: Kyndra Mitchell


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