by Callie Summers

hers was a love
he teased she was unkind
they sang and smiled for the lonelies and aching to see and envy
theirs was a love
hers was a love
their eyes has met like they had so many times before
her stomach dropped
his face was not quite in a smile but not quite in a frown
we kept walking towards each other, our eyes Locked
her mind was locked too, was His?
she couldn’t bear the burden if it was not
she broke the lightning strings between their eyes
she looked down and then up out the window
her smile too big to conceal, but they passed each other without a word
theirs was a love
an unnatural one?
it was nearly tangible but too far away to know or
have any real Hope to touch
and comfort her wondering mind, tired of waiting
but wanting to stay because if they were,
would the lightning fade, the thrill vanish?


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