Message From The Past

by Lance D. Smith


You've kept me close

While trying to escape from me

I am the past that you run from

But today I come in peace


I influence your decisions

 Created your personality

I am the same old script

That hides the truth you seek


I've caused you anger

Iíve created pain

I told you ďWhatís the useĒ

Life was just the same old thing


Thereís no need to resolve or change me

To hold on or forgive

You have the key to your freedom

And how you truly want to live


I offer you this secret

Because you gave me life

I no longer want to hurt you

It's time to set things right


We hold each other prisoners

Locked together in a vault 

 Simply release me from your memory

My only power is in your thoughts


You can let me go

Iíll be on my way

Unless you want to live in me

I no longer have a say


Thereís no need to justify me

Thereís no case to defend

Send home all the witnesses

And begin your life again


Life is Love

Expressed new in you each day

It flows through you

Like a river on its way


You can create

More than I can contain

Iíll only hinder you

By holding onto the same


So the secret I offer

My only power is in your thoughts

You have to think hard to create me

Iím not real at all


Youíll find new life

Turning your thoughts away from me

And Iíll die from this secret

 Now that Iíve set you free


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