Fluttering leaves, Shaking trees
Blue skies, Humming bees

Green grass, multicolored butterflies
Fetching dogs, and joyous kids.
A mother and a daughter sit on a blanket
Soaking in the sun and enjoying the fresh air.
There hadn't been such a clear day in this sad town.
They laugh about life and enjoy the sights.
Daddy and daughter ride hard.
Wind in their hair, life at their fingertips.
A giggling little girl on daddy's back
With not a concern, Daddy's little angel.
Around the dinner table
Mom, Dad, and Daughter eat
A dog at their feet, just waiting to eat
A home cooked *made-with-love* meal

This one dinner seems so long for the girl.
She breathes in, slowly.
Just a mere vanishing thought.
Mom, Dad, and Dog canish down the hallway.
Seemingly the most lonely and desperate girl in the world,
She picks up her meal for one, and cleans up.

       Turn on the T.V. young girl,
             It's going to be a long night.

Jessica Anderson *me*


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