"Somebody’s Hero"

written by Lynette Woodbury


I think of all the things I wish to be,

of all the qualities I’d like to have,

of all the acts I’d love to do,

but narrowing down is easy­­-

I want to be somebody’s hero


I want to cry with those who are weeping

and laugh alongside the humorous,

I want to be one who welcomes with open arms

and be a friend to everyone,

I want to be somebody’s hero


I want to give to one who’s needing,

I want to mourn with one who hurts,

I wish to love unconditionally,

to love the sinner–but forget their sin,

I want to be somebody’s hero


I desire to make a difference in many lives,

to help others pull through their deepest trials,

I wish to be a great example for others to follow

by making joy, freedom, and love felt all around,

I want to be somebody’s hero


Many would condemn me for saying these are heroic acts,

but they are

Heroes don’t always come in exquisite packages,

they come in the simple ones as well

They’re born by bravery, love, patience, and obedience

and any person can engrave these qualities within their soul,

So maybe, just maybe

I can be somebody’s hero


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