I am right, you are not!

by sehba ahmedi

Why is it that we fail to see?
Why is it that we refuse to meet?
To see another's point of view,
To wear his shoes, to take his seat.

Why do we engrave our opinions and thoughts?
Why do we fix and bind and seal our minds?
To be so very sure that we are right,
It's the others who are are in binds.

Why do we feel wronged and hurt?
Why do we feel like our honour is on the line?
To hear another say- think my way,
To accept that his view is, just as fine.

Who is to say what's wrong, what's right?
Who is to say by what we should abide?
To see past our egos and imaginary status,
To push the mirage of self righteousness aside.

How hard is it to let go?
How hard it is to step down from our perch high?
To understand what another says and why,
To not at his assumed ignorance sigh.

I have seen it often and a lot,
People vigorously argue and scream.
Why don't you see how right I am?
Come see just what I mean.

It's not about sense and sensibility,
Truly some know and some know not,
It's just that in the moment of heat,
Let's see the tolerance you've got.

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong,
At some point or some other time.
It's all about how much dignity you have,
If with differences in opinions you are fine.

Here winning or losing is not,
Imposing your will on minds and hearts.
It's about whether you could open your mind,
And walk in another's shoes for a start.


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