Be Happy
by Cindy Clabough

Your life will always be filled with trials
It's best to admit this today
Decide to be happy in spite of it all
The first thing you do is pray  
Thank Him for giving you all that you need
And for all the problems you face
For He knows it all, and gives you the tools
To handle each trial with Grace
Quit spinning your wheels, stop making excuses
Start having your day in the sun 
Remember that fear is the opposite of faith
And that precious time waits for no one.

Stop waiting until all your bills are paid off
Or until the kids are grown
Lose ten pounds, finish school, get a new car
Or when you get that new home
The first day of spring, maybe next Monday
Seem like good times to begin
Or maybe on the day you retire
Or when you get married again
Are you waiting until your health improves
Or when your CD's mature?
Maybe you're planning a cruise or a trip
And then you'll be happy, for sure
Well friend, I hope that you ask yourself
Why you think you have time to wait
Your decisions today are all that matter 
Every choice determines your fate
What happens when all of your hopes and plans
Don't work out the way you had dreamed
How will you feel when you realize
That waiting has robbed you clean
Of precious time, of moments so dear
Of good things that just couldn't wait
Get up, my friend, go enjoy your life
Live it now.....before it's too late. 
Cindy Clabough 2005 

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