Be True to You


Be true to yourself,

for only you will.

No one knows better

just how you feel.


How you really feel

down deep in your heart,

Loving yourself first

is the very best start. 


Who you are today

is a facade to all,

who you'll be tomorrow

is anyone's call.


But you get to decide

itís no one else's choice,

when the biological clock rings,

all that's left is your voice.


A voice that is silenced or

a voice that is loud,

you get to decide when

you're telling the crowd.


The crowd that is waiting

for your heartfelt plea,

the crowd that wants justice

and for you to be free.


Free to make decisions

that are important to you,

Free to have a future that

doesn't require a rescue.


A rescue from the truth

that you know in your heart.

A rescue from yourself

when your soulís torn apart.


Just make sure that you are

the lone one in control,

as long as you are true to you

all the best will unfold.


~Trisha Tessler Wright

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