For Jeremy

by Gina Hatchell


Do you remember

when you first

felt the wind?

Did it promise to show you

secret, faraway places

and introduce you

to exotic, new faces?

Did it whisper softly

or sweep you off your feet?

Did it beacon you to follow

like a long lost friend?


You travel through this world

barely touching, then letting go.

Leaving footprints in the air

that echo through hearts

when you aren't there.

Do you ever look back

and see where you've been?

Are you really happy....floating

like a feather in the wind?


I can only hope a gentle breeze

won't ever be a storm in disguise,

and that rain won't ever bring you

falling down upon your knees.

I wish for you to have blue skies

with a rainbow at the end.

I'll always love my restless feather

though he answers the call of the wind.


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