Hoofs, spears and shields

Weaklings quaked, mothers sobbed.

Battalion beaten too cheap,

A regiment retreated - regulars retired!

Charred remains; white ashen great bazaars,

Horrors a sight of lost battle,

Feasted croaking and wingless buzzards:

Women wept atop their castle.

Daughter of fortune; daughter of Zion,

Riding atop his immaculate horse

Your Knight afar envision from yonder horizon

Strength, splendor, sweet his resource.

Awake! Wide your dreamy eye

Starry night beyond cloud

Unfolding amidst sheer defeat 'neath your eye

A future of glory and priceless gold.

When millions murmur, march!

Where regulars retreat, roar!

While legions languish, laugh!

Laugh, Roar, March - Your Knight is nigh!

Author: Babatunde Ayoola Fajimi [Lagos, Nigeria, MAY 28, 1997]

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