First Fathers Day without my Dad

Is the saddest day Iíve ever had


Used to be Iíd worry what to get him

Now I worry least Iíll forget him


Always a strong presence in my life

Even when I had become a wife


There with a smile through all the days

 Celebrating life and the grandchildren phase


When he became ill I could not believe

That my dear Dad would ever leave


But death draws all down itsí merciless path

Despite the families anguished wrath


Now I canít get him a shirt or a tie

No more sentimental cards will I buy


These special days will come and go

And in my heart and soul I know


Iíll best preserve his memory

By being the best that I can be

Thatís just what heíd expect from me!


Patricia Ann Porter ♥ June 15, 2003


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