Often we focus on the bad things in life,

when ought we not be focusing on

the simple blessings in life?


God knows our needs, he knows our desires.

How often though, do we not pay attention to

the many blessings that he sets before us?


All of the desires of our hearts are

right before our eyes, if only we

would take the time to open them.


Often the words directing us towards the

small simple blessings that God has in store for our lives

are being spoken into our ears, yet, do we listen?


When you least expect it our Lord and Father in Heaven

places that one special blessing into our lives. 

The opportunities await us, if only we

would open our hearts and thankfully take

what is offered.


Look into your heart, be still and listen.

Has God placed a special blessing into your life?

Take the time pray, to place your desires before our Lord.

Open your heart, your eyes and be still.

Your blessing might just be there awaiting

you to change your life.


Ask and it shall be given.  If you believe what you

ask for in prayer, it will be given unto you. 

Be thankful, know that you are loved and

chose to receive our Godís simple blessing..

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