Left Behind 

by Cindy Clabough

It was a sunny day in June, a routine afternoon
My work was done, my timecard punched, I knew I'd be home soon
The day's events, and those to come, consumed my tiring mind
I still had chores, meatloaf to cook, and a lost earring to find.
I finally neared my exit, and merged two lanes to the right
When in my rear-view mirror I glimpsed a brilliant light
A sound I've never heard before blocked all other noises out
There was no question; it was a voice.... a very distinct shout.
I felt a sudden panic, then a sense of impending doom
I knew just what had happened; and it wasn't a sonic boom
My mind was trying to wrap around the grim reality
That Jesus had come back like He said, but didn't come for me.
My intellect and logic tried to reason it all away
"This can't be true; surely He wouldn't come this very day!"
I've never felt so helpless, so hopeless and afraid
Praying now was futile; I knew my bed was made.
Thoughts of my precious children ran through my panicked mind
"What was it they tried telling me about being left behind?"
I steered around the empty cars; I just had to hurry home
But my heart told me the painful truth; that I'd be there all alone.
I finally made it, jumped from the car, and rushed to my front door
The eerie silence confirmed it; nothing mattered anymore
The chores, the meatloaf, the earring; were no longer in my head
Fear of my fate consumed me; I sooo wished that I were dead.
I'm sure you get my message; this poem is just to make you think
None of these things really happened; but it is still no waste of ink
For one day soon our Lord will come; He's at the door as this I write
So seek Him for your redemption before you see that brilliant light!


~Cindy Clabough 2007~  


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