The Resilient Web
Sometimes I think that love
        is really all there is that matters,
And sometimes that doesn't seem like nearly enough.
But I've discovered we can weave ourselves a web
        with filaments of hope and love,
shared with other human, imperfect and
        equally vulnerable people ~ ~
a resilient safety net which can help absorb the shocks and stresses of our lives.
This tapestry can also make a warm blanket of love
        to cover us when the chill winds of fear blow ~ ~
A blanket that reminds us we don't ever have to face
        our troubles entirely alone.
We may not be able to "kiss it and make it ALL better"
        for one another, but we can take hands,
lean on one another, and share our experience, strength and hope along the way.
Pat Becker
The Self-Help Umbrella


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