Life is like a tapestry begun,
on the day that you were born;
and with each new experience,
another thread is spun.

A tapestry of you, woven with love;
day by day, one piece at a time,
which slowly grows in shape and design.

A tapestry of your joys and your sorrows,
each glorious victory and miserable defeat.
It portrays your yesterdays and your tomorrows,
and all the people that you meet.

A tapestry of life is all of these things,
blended together with colorful strings.
Each strand tells a story of where you've been,
and entwines with the memory of each special friend.

You fill a void that I didn't know I had,
bringing a silken cord for the weaver to add.
When the tapestry of my life is finally complete,
you will be there, dear friend, shining and sweet.

by Gina Hatchell

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