"Tsunami Effect"

by Khoi Nguyen

the cerulean skies is truly the prize-
rewarded, cos a twinkle from God
is the wink of his eyes
and the angel dust, sprinkled above-
is the love that's devine- waves splash in the brine
an' nothin' could provide such a masterful sight
'cept these sand dunes of time-
'tween collateral lines-
from Pacific - Atlantic an' all that's in-between
it could lift all the ravaged, from their misery
and with this masterpiece painting, I emerge
insert myself, inert- without any words
just glowing imagery, I am one with the portrait
surf of the century, ignoring the forces.
first I grab my board, then-
i'm off with my exploring
wet, and i'm a part of the rifts
knowing well, that the greatest winds- created all of this
rising, like a prayer to the heavens- maybe
the stairs seem better, cos-
the escalator is lazy
a thousand plus maybes, conform into yes
a thousand plus feet, soaring on this crest
the ecstasy is best, and since I left no regrets
my shots at success, became a habit of excellence
nothing can take me down, nothings above me
except the inevitable, was rubbing me- lovely
in an instant the crash, had me falling and wet
that is why the painting was called "Tsunami Effect."
alls swell that ends swell
the top is where it ends, well-
the greatest of things come to an end
, but it's what we make of them
and to savor every second, of every breath
is truly what I call evading death
the top is really a scenic blueprint to your downfall
so make the best of your quest to the top
and when you get knocked, just know
you're in an ocean of drowners.


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