Daddy grew inpatient, his orders had come in.

His duffle bag was lighter for his journey about to begin.

The Admiral was barking orders,

The crew was moving forward,

Just a few more steps,

Before he reached the steps to Heavenís door.

Daddy checked his crew list, and smiled as he read each name.

He was confident of the lessons they had learned,

The knowledge they had gained.

His dog tags dangled freely,

Free of all constraints, no pain

Caused a smile to cross his face at the

Strength that he had gained.

Each step he took, each breath he drew,

His load became much lighter.

His time had come for one last trip, and he came prepared,

Knowing that those he loved had sent him on his way.

When you see a flash of light slicing the evening sky,

Know it is a beacon,

Daddy is alright.


Written by Helen Hurley 06/05


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