God Has a Way

God has a way, for each of us, a road to
travel to our home above.
For each of us this path will differ.
He knows just what to allow and give us.
And as we go along life's road, we'll
experience pain, some loss, and trouble.
Yet God He knows, that if we're to grow,
must accept, what comes along this road.
And as we walk, He'll come along, For He
knows, we cannot walk alone.

Leonie Barbara McLoughlin



Some ones out there watching, and knows our every need.

With hands out stretched toward us, His heart so full of Love.

He hears our prayers and answers, is waiting there to lead.

Our God, he knows what’s best for us. He's gentle like a dove.

So when your world is shaking, or things just fall apart.

Remember who is watching.  It's God who heals each heart.


Written by Leonie McLoughlin



Heaven is like a garden of snow, crystal and pure with flowers that glow.  All that is wondrous, rivers that flow, shining like sunshine, Gods place of abode. Each streets made of gold with colours so bold, sparkling and glistening, like rainbows so old. Soft breezes that blow which help one to know, Gods awesome power created this home. One day we will go to this Kingdom that glows, we'll join with the Angels, sing songs round His throne. So while we prepare for our home up above.  Let God groom our hearts, while we sing of His love.

Written by Leonie McLoughlin



Hues of many colours

Plus shapes for all to see,

The Beauty that is Autumn

Floating gently in the breeze.

Golds and reds and silvers

For every eye to see,

Purples, greens and violets

displayed for you and me.

Great carpets full of colour

Crackling under foot,

Gods showing every person

A bit of heaven as we look.


Written by Leonie McLoughlin

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