"Walking a Road"

by: Miguel Gonzalez


On this day I walk a road

A road with curve and bend

I think looking outward at my path

Seeing the beginning but not the end


Outside itís cold and here itís warm

But for many days I planned

And time was running past

So with the first step I began


Each step I take with a cautious pace

And I look right in front of me

Each time I glimpse ahead

I find joy in what I see


Iíve not gone far but start to tire

So on an empty bench I rest

A familiar voice greeted me

And told me stories of yesterdayís best


My friend is old and begins to weaken

His breaths becoming fast

On a bench he stops and sits

Heís found his place at last


I offer to stay but he tells me to go

To go and finish what I began

Time has become more precious now

So I gathered strength and ran


I look far ahead like before

Straight at my journeyís end

My sprint is ended by a fall

And I look up to see another friend


He has stopped when others passed

And brought me up with helping hands

Kind was he to carry me

Across rough seas and treacherous lands


The time had come for friends to part

He had his path and I had mine

The sky grew dark, the air cold

There it was, my chance to shine


I walked with speed but with care

During these last steps I find my pace

Watching my step while looking far

Not wasting time, not in a race


I know myself

My adventureís done

My fear allayed

My desire gone


On this day I walked a road

A road with curves and bends

I think looking back at my path

I couldn't have done it without friends



Heavenís Perch

By: Miguel Gonzalez


Looking down from heavenís perch

So far from the earth below

I stand here on lonely ground

With far too many sad truths to show


Old land tainted by neglect

Wind silenced by concrete chain

Sunlight fades as darkness sets

From the sky above falls bitter rain


Notice first, the many lights

Very tempting to the eye

Some glow dim, some burning bright

Towards the fire do foolish moths fly


There! You see the buildings rise

Towers made of black and grey

Rarely seeing heavenís white

A terrible place for man to stay


From here you see men at work

Each day, the same as the rest

Walking circles without end

Knowing they will never live lifeís best


It is sad for me to return

Down below to the land of lies

Back to my sadness and my pride

I wish I could see the world through Godís eyes



A Cold Winter Night



How silent the snow falls,

Silent as the cold it sends

As I travel a road;

A road that never ends


I pass by a man lying,

On the frosty ground

He lies there still,

Without a sound


His eyes, closed;

His hands, cold

His life, a story

Never to be told


I paid him a visit,

On a dark night

Though, I was never,

Never within his sight


I could not see his face,

For my eyes are blind

Memories of him,

I will never find


As I go on,

I donít feel sad

Feelings for him,

I never had


He was a man,

To whom my gift I gave

He was a man,

No one could save


As I visit him again,

Now I am his guide

On an unearthly journey

On a boat we ride


I continue to row

We travel far

We meet the Great Judge

The guiding star


Our trip nears end

We can see the light

He goes to a place

No longer gray but white


He steps out

And says his last goodbye

Happy forever

Never to die


I live a life,

No man can live

I must leave now,

For I have more gifts to give