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Dolphin Rescue

by Stephanie Harris


Glide through tumbling waves

With mellifluous grace, plunge

Down this black vortex

I implore mercy, save me

Oh, Seraphim of the sea


by Stephanie Harris


I’m like a butterfly

Wild and free

Soaring high on delicate wings

Not meant to be caged

Or held too tight

To forfeit my freedom

Would smother my light

Spread your wings

And fly with me

Discover new worlds

Wild and free

Trust that my flight

Won’t take me away

Let me go

And watch me stay

Love me enough

To loosen your grip

And from my heart

You’ll never slip

By clipping my wings

You’d darken my light

I’d falter and panic

And wish to take flight

If you hold me gently

In the palm of your hand

By your side I’ll always land

Or spread your wings

And fly with me

Discover new worlds…Wild and free


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