My Love Is An Ocean

by Stephanie Harris


My love is an ocean

Wide and deep

Too endless to be contained

As constant as the flowing tides

As bright as midsummer sun

It has no beginning

It has no end

It’s timeless, strong and true

From one lifetime into the next

I always come back to you

Swim with me in the deep blue waves

And watch the past drift free

Let our souls once again intertwine

Let old wounds finally heal

We’ve done this before and we’ll do it again

We were made from the same shining star

You’ll always be a part of me

No matter where we are

I know your heart remembers

And recognizes me

So come with me and swim again

In love’s gentle ocean deep



by Stephanie Harris


Defy conventions

The mind can’t dictate

What the heart will feel

Defy the fear

That lurks within

And covers truth with fog

Some may say

I’ve lost my mind

And maybe they’d be right

But my soul knows

Where my heart’s gone

All else, I just defy

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