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by: Miguel Gonzalez

The darkened sky revealed a distant light

Who has kept my gaze with her cheerful glow

Her twinkle brought day to my lonely night

And allowed warm fires in my heart to grow

Even brightest days now but dreams of her

To bring her close amidst the distant skies

Where silently both love and friendship stir

To let two souls embrace with meeting eyes

Though days would pass before we’d meet again

And time, earth and skies have kept us afar

I’d wait through any days for night’s descend

For passing moments with my lovely star

And though infinite stars light skies above

Tis but a single star that I shall love


"Loving a Rose"

 by: Miguel Gonzalez

O how foolish it is to love a rose,

Surrender to charm, admire her beauty,

And find yourself in frustration to show,

Affections are pure in their constancy.

Let hands feel the softness of each caress,

Lend her the warmth of day in your embrace.

Let eyes see desire in its tenderness,

As passion rains down gently on her face.

Dedicate the day, the joys of your care.

Endure the night though you’re tired and worn.

Empty your heart, leave it open and bare.

Hold her firmly with trust, bearing each thorn.

All of these things, both so foolish and true,

Suddenly gain meaning, when she loves you.