A Higher Power

by Teresa Baucom


It was a Thursday night, and I had started my routine house cleaning. The TV was playing in the background as I started to vacuum. As I passed by the TV the man on the screen caught my eye, it was Richard Thomas, John-boy to me. I had loved the Walton's as a child, always dreaming of the perfect family. However, it was not the Walton's, and as I stood and watched for a few moments, it was a show that he hosts called Miracles. Little did I know I had just begun to experience a miracle myself.

I continued to vacuum during commercials seeing part of the program as I would jut by. Until it caught my attention that a little girl had recently lost her Father and did not get the chance to say goodbye. Well as you are aware, I had recently lost a very important person in my life. The little girl was not eating and was having a very difficult time with the loss.

The little girls Mother tried to think of a way to give the little girl closure, a way to say goodbye, to her very loved Father. Her Mother decided to have the little girl write a letter and they would take it to her Father's resting place. However when they returned to the cemetery the little girl noticed her letter still in the same place that she had left it. She could not understand why her Father had not taken it and was more devastated than ever.

Her Mother, distraught, decided to have the little girl write another letter and attach it to a helium balloon and send it off to her Father. The little girl picked out a Little Mermaid balloon and her Mother executed the plan. The little girl seemed content as the balloon floated up into the clouds.

Weeks later a man was hunting States away. He noticed the shiny balloon sparkling in the distance. When he read the letter attached, he could not believe the words. This balloon had drifted thousands of miles, yet he found it still fully inflated with the heart of a little girl still attached.

The man felt a tug at his heart and a need to respond to the little girl. He untangled the balloon and headed for home. He discussed responding to the little girl, with his wife. The man's wife had reservations about responding to the little girl. They tucked the balloon away, yet the words of the little girl still weighed on the woman's heart. She recalled in the letter that the little girl's birthday was coming up. She sat down and decided they did need to respond to the little girl with the broken heart. However they responded as a friend, and not as the little girls Father.

They sent the letter and included a Little Mermaid book that explains loss on a little person's level.

When the little girl received the package, she was thrilled. She had NO doubt that her Father had received her letter. The Families met and are still today, great friends. This is a true story.

As the show came to a close, I thought it was a sweet story, however I could still feel the pain within my own heart.

The following Thursday I found myself as down as I had felt. It was a week before payday, and although I was doing fine, I was feeling the financial clutch, not to mention the loss itself. My sister had decided to stay with me that night to try and cheer me.

The next morning we dressed and pilled in the Jeep for our haul in. I had really wanted coffee, however was out until payday. I shrugged it off, and thought I could grab some in the clinic. I just hate needing anything from anyone. This trial has forced me to address that about myself.

As we got to the end of my long driveway, something in the ditch caught my eye. As I stopped and got out, it was a crumbled up dollar bill. There was my coffee! My heart felt warm, as I looked to the sky. My sister could not believe it as I had told her about my feelings regarding the coffee.

We turned down the next two roads and I could not believe what I saw in the sky floating across the road in the middle of Wake Forest . It was a Red Heart Helium Balloon! As I now watch the curser blink, I can't tell you in words, what I felt at that moment. Better yet what I still feel as I recall that moment.

I came in work that Thursday feeling so blessed and loved and that I could go on. Throughout the day I found myself in awe, first the dollar bill, then the balloon. As the day came to an end, I walked towards the garage and then down the stairs as I always do. As I walked through the garage, I could not help but still feel in awe of what I had been allowed to experience. At that moment, yes, at that moment again something caught the corner of my eye. As I glanced above my head, on the ceiling of the garage, was a fully inflated Red Heart helium balloon! I must say, at this point I was scared. I looked around and did not see anyone else in sight. I sat down my bag, and jumped for the balloon. On the third try I got it.

As I rode home with the balloon I felt a love that I have never felt. The balloon is tied to a chair in my dining room, still inflated. Although I know the balloon will eventually deflate, I know that my Faith Never will.

As I reflect back on those weeks I am made aware of how awesome God is. Trust me, I am hard to impress, and anyone who knows me can attest to that. The fact I caught the Miracles program that I had never seem prior. The fact the story was about a helium balloon and saying goodbye for now. The fact that I was troubled about coffee only to find a crumbled up dollar bill in my ditch. The fact that in the middle of Wake Forest , on a street that I was going down, at the time I was going down it, a Red Heart Balloon is floating across the sky. The fact that the very same day, in a garage at Duke, miles from Wake Forest, a Red Heart balloon, just like the one in Wake Forest, is floating on the ceiling, within my reach.

For me, experiencing all of this does not remove all the pain of life's experiences. What it did do was confirm that God is awesome and that he does love me, and you. We may not understand his plan, but I truly believe that he does have one. I also believe he is here with us and not off in the distance. There is a Higher Power!

God Bless-

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