Striving Towards Higher Consciousness!


* Striving towards higher consciousness is a challenge.

A challenge that stimulates the mind, body and soul.

In order to reach that higher level naturally one must be willing

to face, deal then heal all internal wounds. 

Internal peace results in external peace.

During this healing period try looking within ones-self.

This period is a very sacred, painful period, which must be endured and endured alone.

Once the pain begins to subside, start to eliminate all self

destructive behaviors, and promote only self empowering behaviors.

This is another challenge, but remember we have all had our trials and tribulations, and we have all come this

far, so let’s focus on reaching that higher level of consciousness.

That level will reveal to one many useful insights. 

That level is a level of pure joy, love, peace and total comprehension.


As mentioned above this is a very sacred journey, which must be endured alone. 

One will be required to silence themselves, eliminate all distractions and than strive.

Strive to higher heights, strive for self awareness, strive for self realization, strive for peace, love and unity.

Strive for higher consciousness.

Written by Julie Murray of Treasured Blessings -



Love lifts us up – up to the mountain top

Love lifts us up – never wanting to stop

Love lifts us up – fulfills our every desire

Love lifts us up – and makes us strive higher.

Pain holds us down – being pushed to the ground

Pain holds us down – never knowing friends are around

Pain holds us down – always playing the clown

Pain holds us down – down to the ground.

Joy fills our day – in a very blessed way

Joy fills our day – never leading you astray

Joy fills our day – be reminded today

That joy fills our day – in a very blessed way.


                                 Written by:  Julie Murray of Treasured Blessings -


What is seen in others that is not appreciated,

let's try and improve upon that with-in ourselves.

What is heard from others that is not appreciated,

let's try and eliminate that with-in ourselves.

What behaviors others exhibit that are not

appreciated, let's try and refrain from behaving in the similar manner.

Remember, we can only improve ourselves, then

lead by example. Once our ray of light begins to

shine, the whole world will shine as well!

 -Written by Julie Murray of Treasured Blessings -

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