Is Life A Strain?  Then Take The Train!

By Phil Gale


Iím on a train.  God is the Driver, Jesus Christ is the Conductor, and the Holy Spirit is the Steward checking on the passengers making sure all is OK.  I donít know if we are on a curve, on a straight piece of track, or stopped at a station for a breather.  We could be anywhere.  But I know where weíre headed, and that is the reason Iím not going to get off.  The journey is unpredictable, sometimes fast, sometimes slow; sometimes easy, sometimes hard.  The air conditioning breaks down occasionally and we are uncomfortable for a while.  It gets hot and it gets cold; one day the food is good, the next day, it is leftovers.  Some of the fellow passengers are grumpy, some happy; some healthy, some sick; some are a joy to listen to, some are a pain.  The journey takes us through forests and plush grasses, and then desert.  We weave through mountain passes, and then maybe go straight for days.  Curves and hills, rain and shine, good and bad.  The journey is changeable, but the destination is sure.  I donít get off the train, God is the Driver, Jesus Christ is the Conductor, The Holy Spirit is the Steward.  What more could I ask for?

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