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"How I will Inspire the World"

by Benjamin Griffes

I will only inspire the rest of the world one drop at a time, but as a drop in a pond becomes a ripple, a ripple can become a wave, and waves can wash over everyone. 

I will inspire one person at a time, rubbing shoulders with them side by side, showing them how to live and play with joy and intention by my example.  I will show them my love and care for them with my hugs, a listening ear and by just being there as their friend.  I will inspire that one person with confidence through my encouragement; show them how to be trustworthy by being trusted; show them compassion by being kind; show them accomplishment by being industrious; inspire them to overcome their fears by being courageous; and showing them success through perseverance.

I will inspire groups of people by standing up for the oppressed, for those who hunger both physically and spiritually, and for those who cannot always fend for themselves.  I will stand in front of any group and inspire them with my words, challenging them to become greater than they are; to tap into their inner courage and accomplish their goals; to keep their promises to themselves and those around them; to have the courage of their convictions; to be the change they want to see in the world.  

I will inspire the world by being vocal and not let my own fears of confrontation and imposition overcome me.  I will inspire others with my writings, sharing my insight and knowledge so others might improve their lives.  I will inspire others by my example; to be the thoughtful neighbor by lending a helping hand; by being the courteous driver and lessen the stress caused by traffic.  I will be the anonymous pedestrian, who opens the door for everyone, who picks up the obvious pieces of trash, who greets every passerby with at least a smile, if not a warm hello.  I will inspire others to want to follow the Golden Rule by living it myself, and I will inspire others to make a difference in this world by making a difference myself, everyday.

I will inspire others to become inspiring themselves.  To let each person I influence know that they too can make a difference, that they too do not have to settle for mediocrity, that they too are viable change agents who can create ripples in other people’s lives.  This earth is basically indifferent to the mechanizations of humankind, and will continue following the basic laws of the universe in spite of our attempts to change it.  This world, however, cries out for leaders who will stand up in the face of adversity, against oppression and despite the threat of death.  Inspiration is always present, but sometimes it needs a catalyst to ignite or reveal it.  I am that catalyst, that spark that helps to overcome inertia in people, who challenges groups to take action, to inspire others to build bridges, tear down walls, reach across the aisle and shake an enemy’s hand.  I am the friend who makes every attempt to forgive a transgression, right a wrong, seek to understand, look for the positive in every person and situation, and surrender to a higher power.

I will inspire the world when I become a source of inspiration.

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