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How I Will Inspire the World

By Laura Walters

            Is it even possible to inspire the world?  Take a look at 9/11, the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, or even Michael Jackson’s “We are the World” song/video.  Yes, it is possible to inspire the world.  The examples are an endless number of ways.  Someone, some newspaper, magazine, organization, city, state or country honors them in some way, every day. Unfortunately, sometimes something drastically bad has to happen before people as a whole realize just how quickly life can end.  Once they are over the initial shock of such a horrendous thing happening, they join together to help; therefore, inspiring the world.    How will I inspire the world?  In every way I can possibly perceive attainable in the eyes of my human counterparts. 

            I try to inspire the world through the art of word.  My writings, although sometimes personal, I hope to in some small way touch someone and inspire them to act in a way that is appropriate for their life.  To inspire them to slow down and see the beauty of nature in a different eye:



Bubbling laughter, floats from her throat,

As liquid fingers caress a riverboat.

Swollen from play, with afternoon rain,

Pulsating over rocks is Mother Earth's vein.


Wind and floods, help her create a maze,

Churning and flowing beneath the sun's rays.

A welcome relief, from a hot afternoon,

A beaver romps within her cool cocoon.


Transparent skin, reveals her heart to all,

Companions float closer to a waterfall.

Crystal blue reflects her protectors,

Tall soldiers, designed by the Architector.


Her tinkling voice rises amongst the birds,

Weaving sing-song whispers, overheard.

Hiding her memories inside little nooks,

Her stories are told, within poems and books.


Ancient as the fables that fly in the breeze,

She moves along with eloquent ease.

Peace and tranquility, she gives to all,

In green grass summers, or orange leaf falls.


Laura Walters



When something happens that affects thousands of people in a whole you find a more unified group of counterparts come together to reach the same goal.  Yet, there is always someone there to protest your actions as well as the actions of what brought the unity together in the first place.  In an effort to either change the view of the protestor or to gather in more supporters, the art of word is widely used.  When American troops invaded Iraq in 2003, I was amazed at the amount of protestors that marched, picketed and disrupted the lives/jobs of many American people, including police officers, military personnel, government employees and average Americans.  I wrote to show that we should support our troops, even if we don’t support the war.




Every time you take a breath free of chemicals,

Breathe once for our troops.


Every time you speak your opinion and not go to jail,

Voice your appreciation for our troops.


Every time you practice your religion without punishment,

Praise our beloved troops.


Every time you are able to vote for a leader,

Mark one for our fighting troops.


Every time you see our flag flying high on a pole,

Salute it for our fallen troops.


Every time you hear the Star Spangled Banner play,

Stand to show support for our present troops.


Every time you hear a newborn babe wail,

Cry for our future troops.


You needed reasons to give support in this war,

Now that you have them... Support Our Troops.


  Laura Walters

   25 Mar 03



            I was volunteering at a local animal shelter when I lived in NC and was constantly broken hearted at the number of animals that would come in unwanted and unloved.  I adopted 2 dogs and have been a supporter of adopting from rescues ever since.  Once we had 3 baby squirrels brought in to the shelter.  Their eyes were not even open and there was no way they could survive on their own.  Through talking to the lady who brought them in, I proceeded to see what kind of information I could find out about how she came across them.  She proceeded to tell me that her 15 year old son shot at the nest with a bb gun until he knocked it out of the tree.  Her son was not going to be punished because, “that’s just what boys do.”  I was horrified.  The next day 2 more baby squirrels came in to the shelter, the gentleman told me that he pulled into his driveway and saw them in the yard.  He didn’t take the time to see if the mother was around or if they were in any danger.  In an effort to raise wildlife awareness I wrote:


  Baby Wild Animal


I am a baby wild animal,

Curled up in a little ball.

Away from my home I am,

I probably fell or crawled.


Please just leave me be.

I'm sure my mom is nearby.

Just make sure I'm not injured,

And keep an open, watchful eye.


Make sure I'm not in danger,

And watch for my mom to come.

I'm sure she'll get me soon,

That's the rule of thumb.


If I'm bleeding or injured,

Call the doctor please.

But just leave me be,

If I only release a sneeze.


If my mom doesn't come,

After a few lonely hours,

Or if danger should appear,

And my small body try to devour,


Please wrap me in a blanket,

And save me from the night.

Call animal control or wildlife,

Please do what is right.


I'm not a pet for you to keep.

A cage is not where I belong.

Please call the proper humans.

Give me a life that's full and long.


Laura Walters



            I don’t know how many of these poems have touched people, but I do know I have received numerous emails about them.  I’m nobody special.  I am not Emily Dickerson nor am I Edgar Allen Poe, but I do have a way with words with the right inspiration.  If I can, in any way, touch one person with the written word, then I have accomplished my dream.  If one more wild animal is left in his home, if one more troop is supported regardless of the situation or if one business man stops along an old beaten path to sit for 10 minutes by a meandering stream to reflect on the Great Spirit’s beauty, I then have accomplished my goal.  I have inspired a thought, a dream, a wish, a desire, or a goal.


Laura Walters

Kingston, GA


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