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How I will inspire the world.

 by Sehba Ahmedi

The above statement is a complex one. Not in its structure but in its meaning. It serves two purposes first is to make one ponder upon the fact as to what you want to inspire the world with? And secondly what steps must be taken in order to do so?

If one compares oneself to the totality of the universe then in consequence one shall discover that they are too insignificant to count, to make a difference, to inspire the world. My world does not consist of the six billion human beings living along side me. My world consists of the people I come in contact with due to my work, my personal efforts, fate and blood. For me inspiring the world does not start and end with motivating them to ban animal testing or not to use plastic. They are important in their own right, mind you. It is only that I believe before we clean up the earth we must clean up ourselves. Therefore I believe in inspiring people to greater heights of human excellence.

People must and should be inspired to compete with themselves and to be better than what they were yesterday. It is not necessary for people to rise to the heights of excellence of some extraordinary men and women who have passed in history rather I want people to be sensitive, compassionate, humble and honest. In my perspective I feel that these essential qualities are being erased from human programming. I can inspire people through my actions. Actions do speak louder than words. I make it a point to get these things across to the students I teach every week. Individuals are most receptive to attitudes and ideas in the classroom than anywhere else. A student comes to class with an open mind that the teacher is here to impart something he does not know. I exploit that opportunity and use it to impress upon the students that before being successful doctors, engineers  one must become successful human beings.

How ever one important point must not be ignored and that is people cannot inspire others by getting up one morning and deciding to do so. No, this can never do. Inspiration is not 'all in a day's work'. It is not easy nor can it be imposed. There are no instruction manuals to be handed out. How ever great the desire or however pure the intentions you can only inspire people when you learn to work not for yourself but for others. When one stops thinking solely for one's pleasure, comfort or profit does one rise above oneself and it is then that one truly understands what it is to serve others. That very unselfish spirit is what inspires others to follow you. You have to keep doing your work silently and relentlessly and hope that one day people will follow what path you show. It is futile to wait for anyone to say thank you for this is not an option at all. Words can only do so much, planning and strategy can only do so much it is when you act upon it, it is when you push your limit and rise above your constrains that you are a source of inspiration.

Let me strengthen my argument by presenting a small example- My father used to observe a particular cycle repair man on his way to work everyday. A cycle repair man is not an oddity in the city where 1000's of such shops thrive. This particular man was noticeable for the fact that both his legs were amputated. And yet despite his impediment he would be working continuously. He could have easily found a place under a streetlamp and begged for money. He did not and choose to take a harder way out of his troubles and inspired all those who observed him to not let obstacles check your growth. That is inspirational for me.  

My mantra is to do what I believe in without forcing anybody to listen to me. I will work towards my goal whether there is recognition or not because somewhere along the way I might influence one single person and that would be worth all the trouble. 

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