Untitled of May


Walls crumble
in the still of silence
succumbing to the
hands of time

Life's beauty
in the fleeting heartbeats
in the the moment
your soul met mine

Step from the
hidden chamber
tucked in the
spinning wall

Step forth, love
take a chance
that you might
take a fall

Fall to the depths
and meet yourself
Oh, what you
might find 

Love, sadness, fear and joy
and childhood freedom
left behind

Meet your maker -
meet yourself.
creator of all demise

Meet your maker -
meet yourself.
The master of disguise.

Your maker shared
in my space once
touching something
I will never know

I come to him
bowed head, open heart
welcoming his raw
being to show

Melissa Shipman
May 31, 2000

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