Men are not worried by things that happen, but by their thoughts about those things. - Epictetus

There is only one way to happiness, and that is cease worrying about the things which are beyond the power of our will. - Epictetus

What ought one to say then as each hardship comes? I was practicing for this, I was training for this. - Epictetus

A man that seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society.  - Epictetus

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak. - Epictetus

A ship ought not to be held by one anchor, nor life by a single hope. - Epictetus

One that desires to excel should endeavor in those things that are in themselves most excellent. - Epictetus

It is better to advise than upbraid, for the one corrects the erring; the other only convicts them. - Epictetus

We must not believe the many, who say that only free people ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers who say that only the educated are free.  - Epictetus, Discourses