Noel Coward

Acting is not a state of being ... but a state of appearing to be. You can't be eight times a week without going stark staring mad. You've got to be in control. - Noel Coward

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is. - Noel Coward

I have always been very fond of them (drama critics)...I think it is so frightfully clever of them to go night after night to the theatre and know so little about it. - Noel Coward

The Stately Homes of England, How beautiful they stand, To prove the Upper Classes, Have still the Upper Hand. - Noel Coward

Never trust a man with short legs - his brain's too near his bottom. - Noel Coward

You ask my advice about acting? Speak clearly, don't bump into the furniture and if you must have motivation, think of your pay packet on Friday. - Noel Coward