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This page is for you to share quotes which have personal meaning or have provided insight in your life.  Please submit a quote by emailing:


Catherine Pulsifer

For a person who cultivates wisdom or true knowledge, the results are inner peace, satisfaction, patience, respect for others, freedom from duplicity, compassion, joyfulness, and remembrance of his spiritual identity.


"We are the public's servants, not the public's slaves. There's a big difference
between the two."

"I believe in life there are no rush-hours, only rushing people."

Lj T. Salceda
Radio Announcer / Producer

"Good can be found in every person, but sometimes the search isn't
worth it." 

- Antony Gemmell

Leonie McLoughlin

"If yesterday has gone, and tomorrow's not come.  Then all you have is to-day, so enjoy it."

"Intelligence will help you, but character is the clothing you wear each day."
"Abilities are wonderful things to have. But availability is what God is looking for."

"Face the future dauntlessly and with a manly heart."

Julian Tomlinson

"A carpenter doesn't make the lumber, he makes use of it." 

Alex Zonn


What ever label you put on your basket,
That the people will accept and call the basket,
If you label it a waste paper basket,
People will dump assorted rubbish in it
But if you call it a jolly good fruit basket,
People will cherish it and treat it with respect.
The world takes you at your own estimate.

                           Composed by Kenneth Faminu
                                  7th May 2001.

Stefan Pillinger

James (Jim) Dowd

"Rules are meant to provide guidance to the wise and to control the fools".


Karrie Huffman

Don't look back and remember me, look ahead and see me.

Lance Dai (Kohler WI)

Be the first to criticize yourself, then you will be the one who gets the best laugh.

When nothing else can go wrong, check your pulse.

Manuel Ordonez

Love is a gift.
When it is received in love,
love should never fall to the bottom of the toybox.

Ulrich Damm

Ameet Bakhai

Frank X. Foglia

Jeffrey David Lang

Ariadna X

Brandon Hess

Neethan Raj

Dr. Jason Bostic 


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