Poetry by P. Thomas Sarlo



All the beauty that I can find…

By Artist’s brush so fair…

Can’t equal ought in God’s

Design nor can with it compare.


    -P. Thomas Sarlo ,  1989




Patience is the keeper 

of the vault…

Where all the worthwhile 


Of time and eternity are 



P. Thomas Sarlo,   1983




Wisdom waits in the wings

Of Time and Eternity…

To satisfy the longing

Of all we were meant to be.


Wisdom wasted in the mindless grasp for pleasure,

Lost upon a world gone mad,

As things of TIME consume them,

Groping in the darkness they have had.


Wisdom gave this gift

And bestowed upon the sons of earth…

The chance of using it to choose

The glorious, wondrous, second birth.


But, alas….the sounds of folly

Echo from the dawn of time…

And from the pit of Hell that spawned them…

Voices scream of Satan’s crime.


Wisdom’s calling, chiding, goading,

Gone beyond the veil of doom…

Memory and darkness, lonely…

Nothing …but Eternal gloom.


But…oh the sweetness of the choice

Of wisdom hearkened-to inspires,

To embrace the Gospel of our God

And answer all our hearts desires.


And then the wonder of that day

When wisdom we’ll behold…

I’ll gaze upon His blessed Face,

While endless ages roll.


P. Thomas Sarlo, July, 1991 -  psarlo@tampabay.rr.com



I’m thankful for all the things this year

That I’ve been allowed to SEE,

I’m thankful that I’m still in time

And not Eternity.


I’m thankful also for the sounds

I’ve been allowed to HEAR,

Of the graceful flowing melodies

That are sweet unto my ear.


I ‘m thankful for the things in life

I’ve been privileged to to TOUCH,

Of my children and my dog and my

Wife I love so much.


I’m thankful for the most of all

The fragrances I SMELL.

Of the blossoms and the flowers

And her cooking…I won’t tell.


I’m thankful for the food this year,

I’ve been allowed to TASTE,

Unfortunately the problem is

It’s all gone to my waist.


But most of all, I’m thankful for

The things that I can KNOW….

For dear ones found the Lord

This year, and of the place they’ll go.


By P. Thomas Sarlo - Christmas day, 1991


No More Shadows

Since the beginning of time shadows have been part of our world…since God declared there would be the Sun to rule the day and the Moon to be guardian of the night. Shadows were there in that first garden and were the unwitting purveyors of things to come.

They are everywhere in our world and accompany us from the darkness of the womb…to the finality of the tomb. We have seen them often in our deceitful hearts…and in the darkened alleys of our lives. We have seen them on the countenance of family members when receiving news of illness or disaster. We have witnessed it on the brow of a parent or Grandparent nearing death. Yes; shadows have been the silent partners in all our joys and triumphs. If we pay attention…shadows are our prophets; telling us of things to come…

As in their lengthening in the afternoon and evenings of our days…foretells the coming darkness but eventual dawning of a new day. There have been great shadows in history…ill, foreboding shadows of evil and more evil to come. Shadows that were cast by the father of shadows…and try though they may…men have not been able to dispel them no matter how hard they try. We come finally to the shadow of all shadows…which all others pale by comparison.

This shadow was cast long ago in the same garden we started in…by an unseen object…The Cross of the curse…cast a shadow so immense and so imposing over Creation…that only a plan by the Father of Lights could dispel it. And what a plan …that the Creator would clothe Himself in humility; in human flesh. He would walk in the shadow of that Cross for 33 years as the God-Man.

He would sweat great drops of blood agonizing in that shadow…but His face was set as a flint and He walked alone …completely alone into the darkest of the shadow of all shadows…After six indescribable hours of languishing and suffering for sins that were not His own…the shadow of all time and eternity was abolished and destroyed…with the victorious shout "IT IS FINISHED"! The illumination that went forth in that moment of time has dispelled shadows for multitudes.

The glorious dawning of that resurrection morning and the coming forth from the last shadow of death and the tomb of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ…is the only defining moment of History that matters to me. The great Apostle John stated in a coming day…"and there shall be no night there; and they need no candle…neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever." "God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all."


by P. Thomas Sarlo 9-25-99




Giver of Life, fulfiller of Dreams,

Creator of all the worlds unseen.

He rides the infinitudes, named every star,

From the sides of the north into Heaven so far.


The source of all light, the essence of Good,

The Son, the Spirit and Fatherhood.

Reached down long ago to the void of our time,

Spake the world into being touched man with Divine.


The Plan of the ages began to unfold

As darkness invaded with death we are told.

The Blood that was shed had pointed that day

To a small lonely hill in a time far away.


The Heavens were silent, the darkness enfolds

As billows of wrath swept over His soul.

This giver of life, the Lord of us all

Would give His own life in redeeming the Fall.


Angels and Demons stood by as He did,

A voice pierced the darkness"It’s Finished", He said.

The Father of Lights turned and looked on His Son,

You paid for their sins your work was well done.


He rose from the grave victorious, renown,

At the right hand of God with Scepter and Crown.

In power, in glory, He’ll return someday soon

And call to His fair one, "Come up and come home."


P. Thomas Sarlo 12-27-99




The Bible is the BOOK OF LIFE, that makes me 


The reason I was put on earth, and God’s will for 


The Bible is the BOOK OF TIME, and all 


It unlocks the door to Heaven, and on earth , 


The Bible is the BOOK OF HOPE, that gives me 

faith to know…

That God in Christ had planned to come into this 

world of woe.

The Bible is the BOOK OF LOVE, that tells me of 

my sin…

Of Jesus’ blood and sacrifice, that I must be born 


The Bible is the BOOK OF BOOKS, written by 

King of Kings…

I rest in His Eternal Word, what e’er the future 



By P. Thomas Sarlo


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