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The 2007 ToInspire Writing Contest:  "How I Will Inspire the World"

Winners:  1st prize, Denise M. Janssen ; 2nd prize, Sehba Ahmedi

Runner-up entries: Laura Walters; Benjamin Griffes; Helen Hurley; Barbara Ann Peeples; Cindy Clabough; Liz Horowitz




I am right, you are not by sehba ahmedi (February 2009)


Poetry by Julie Murray of Treasured Blessings (February 2008)


"Photographical" by Jessica Anderson (January 2008)


Unnatural by Callie Summers (December 2007)


"I Am Glad"  "It Hurts, It Hurts You Know"  "Hey! Is that You?"  "The Best Recipe for a Broken Heart"  "Don't Judge a Man"

by Moises Reconalla (November 2007)

"Always Be True To Yourself"  "I Am The Master of Myself"  "My 14 Vows of Success"  "It's Up to You"  "How to Gather Honey Instead of Bee Stings" by Moises Reconalla (October 2007)

"If You Are Wise" by Moises Reconalla (October 2007)

"Star" and "Loving a Rose" by Miguel Gonzalez (October 2007)

Soulsearch by Cyril Davies (May 2007)

a poem by Helen Hurley (May 2007)

"Left Behind by Cindy Clabough (May 2007)

Be True to You by Trisha Tessler Wright (9/06)

Rio by Katie Kilner (4/06)

Baby Girl by Kyndra Mitchell (4/06)

Somebody's Hero by Lynette Woodbury (4/06)

2 poems (each is untitled) by K. Blackburn (4/06)

Prufrockian by Jean Gibson

Be Happy by Cindy Clabough

An Ode to Life by Ruchira Khandelwal

"God Has a Way," "Some One's Out There Watching," "Heaven," and "Autumns Great Beauty" by Leonie McLoughlin (4/06)

Within the Storm by Miguel Gonzalez

Message from the Past by Lance D. Smith

Life by Rajan Samuel

My Love is an Ocean and Defy by Stephanie Harris

"Dolphin Rescue" and untitled poem by Stephanie Harris

"Yellow" and "Rob" by Cherienne Spangler

"One Star Less" and "Day and Night" by Miguel Gonzalez

Untitled poem by Brad Richard

"Blue" and "Faeries" by Stephanie Harris

"Tsunami Effect" by Khoi Nguyen

"Flight" by Miguel Gonzalez  

Resilient Web by Pat Becker

"A Cold Winter Night" and "Heaven's Perch" and "Walking a Road" by Miguel Gonzalez  

"Christmas Magic" by Elaine Maria Rapose

"The Wall" by Maria Charbonneau

 "Help" by Jim Mizerovsky

  "First Father's Day without my Dad" by Patricia Ann Porter

"To Know You" by Mac McNair

"U never said good bye" by Nishi Kamran

Winter Sky by Jennifer Giandalone 

Southern Charm by Gina Hatchell

The Call of the Wild by Gina Hatchell

Rain by Jennifer Giandalone 

Faith and God's Simple Blessings by Terri Althoff

3 poems:  "April,"  "A Prayer for Strength" and "A Joyful Soul" by Virginia Bryan

"The Bride of Christ" by Gregory Louis Stevenson

"The Trunk" and "Place in the Sun" by Gina Hatchell

"Daughter of Zion" by Babatunde Ayoola Fajimi (Lagos, Nigeria)

"To Be A Friend" and "In or Out?" and "A Fish Story" by Gregory Louis Stevenson

"Peace of Mind" by Robert M. Hensel

"Message on the Winter Air" by Mary Ann E. Adams

 "Yule-tide" by Lee Tetrault

"Like Apples" by Maureen Norman

Jewels from Heaven and Tapestry by Gina Hatchell

A romantic poem by Jessica

"Dancing With The Angels" by Colette Hobbs

"Untitled of May" by Melissa Shipman

"Frontier Town" and "CANNOLI MAN"  by Mary Ann Adams

Poetry by Rose Marie Sarlo: "THE ASKING"

Ruth Sellers: "I Feel the Father's Love"

Kristin L. Kimbark:  "If You Only Believe," "My Child," "Be Happy," "Only God Knows," and "Rejoice"

Poetry by P. Thomas Sarlo More poetry by P. Thomas Sarlo

"Into Eternity" by Maureen Norman

"The Perfect Friend" by Carla Ziino and Other Poems

"Easter Sonnet" by Eleanor Stewart


Short Stories


The Magic Letter by Roger Kiser 

It May Be the Last by Lance D. Smith

The Cost of Winning by Lance D. Smith

The Good Ole Days by Lance D. Smith

The Crash by Lance D. Smith

My Life as and Echo by Joe Fedele

By The Time You Are Real by Kim Giles

The Python by Jennifer Giandalone

Garden Varmints by Jennifer Giandalone

The Speck from Hell by Jennifer Giandalone

The Show by Lance Carey

STEPHEN KING EXERCISE (Fun with Dick and Jane) by Jennifer Giandalone

A Christmas Box For Uncle Al by Judge Schafer

To Return No More by Virginia Bryan

The Inheritors by Bill Schafer

The Marvel Trees by Bill Schafer

Winged Captive by Mary Ann Adams

Missing Pieces by Maureen A. Norman

 A Gift for Mrs. Thompson by Rodger Mangold

Blue Bike by Mary Ann Adams

Sooty's Diet by Maureen A. Norman

Harry Wilson by Lydia Sekulic



Only Superman or Superwoman Can Survive in Today's World by Sehba Ahmedi (February 2008)

Do Life by Lance Smith (04/07)

Talent by Lance Smith (04/07)

Friends by Lance Smith (10/06)

Humility by Lance Smith (10/06)

Essay on Freedom by Alyssa Ayres

Whaling in Point Hope, Alaska by Dale Brown (4/06)

What is the American Dream? by Dale Brown (4/06)

Self Esteem: Your Own Perception by Atchut Neelam

Enthusiasm by Atchut Neelam

Finding a route to "self" by Jennifer Giandalone


christmas... A SEASON TO REJOICE!   by Terri Althoff

"Fair is as Fair Does" by Catherine Alfieri

Improvement of the Species by Catherine Alfieri

Things I Learned from Leaves  by Cindy Christie 

An Analogy by Maureen A. Norman


Short Writings


For Good by Callie Summers (October 2007)

The Rebirth of a Tyrant by Jane H. Smith (5/07)

My Personal Garden of Eden by Callie Summers (5/07)

Fruit of the Tree and Hero by Lance D. Smith (4/06)

Washing the Guilt Away by Emily Stewart

Quotations and Reflections by Michelle C. Ustaszeski

A Higher Power by Teresa Baucom

A Loss of Innocence, A Need for Love by J. Michael Wimpy

Please Forgive this Old Tourist by J. Michael Wimpy

Letter to Thosie by Jennifer Giandalone

Prayer by Jennifer Giandalone

Dare to Be by Steve Maraboli

Facing Life's Trials and Tribulations by Terri Althoff

"Rainbow Bridge"

  If God...  - Author Unknown

Scars in the Landscape by Cindy Christie

Miracles by Catherine Alfieri

My Angel; In the Twinkle of an Eye by Shawn Sheppard

Seeing with the Heart (a powerful writing about the physical disability of blindness)

The Seed of Friendship by Kelly-Jean Eldon

Five Important Lessons

Creativity: The Breath of Life by Tammie Renea Rizer-Averyt

  "Ponderable" and "lifesavior" by Linda L. La Londe

  "Life's Challenges," "Life Is an Endless Journey", "What is Success" and "Destiny" by Julie Murray

"Striving Towards Higher Consciousness!", "Love; Pain; Joy" and "Observation" by Julie Murray

"A Day in the Life of an Addict" - written by an 8th grade student

Eye 2 Eye - Powerful ideas from a high school student

Inspirational Story (author unknown)

Is Life a Strain?  Then take the train!  by Phil Gale

JUST P.U.S.H. written by Terri Althoff


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